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AAE Visitor's Comments and Feedback Page

We welcome comments by visitors to our website that are submitted by e-mail or you can use our Facebook buttons.


Our custom tailored projects are designed for today's astute embroidery designer, stitcher and quilter.
We welcome all Bernina Embroidery Software V7 & V8 owners in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County.

Introducing our Comments and Feedback Page.

Welcome to our web site comments page.

Hello; this is the latest version of our guest book. This approach allows us to monitor comments that focus on teaching computerized embroidery and quilting. Comments and messages will be posted on this page after review. Please send your comment or message forDiane or Joan by e-mail. 

Thank you for commenting on:

All About Embroidery, Bernina Software V7 & V8 classes, stitchouts and quilting.

Our latest comment comes from emila565 she said: Hi, nice site, cheers! (Papua New Guinea)

Andrea B commented: Finally found your page! Wish I were closer to enjoy your classes. (USA)

Lou Ann commented: ??What a surprise! So glad for the quick catch-up in TJ's! Wonderful you and your partner are spreading the word. We must meet again soon, no excuses! Lou Ann added a waving emoticon (USA)

Carol commented: I have learned so much about the software in the past year, and yet I know I have only scratched the surface of all that it is capable of. The stitch out classes are fun and challenging as well, I have learned many new techniques. Joan and Diane are wonderful teachers very organized and patient. Thank you for inspiring me to learn all that this amazing software can do. Carol added a clapping emoticon. (USA)

A Guest commented: The make up class idea was great. The guest added a jovial emoticon. (USA)

Marian commented: Interesting projects for learning the software. Joan and Diane are great teachers and really know the Bernina software. I have been taking their classes for many years and learn something new each time. (USA)

Pamuela Commented: Like you web page. Thanks for the link info. I have been taking classes from Joan and Diane for many years. They truly two wonderful gals passionate about embroidery and their students. Have a great day. Pamuela added a jumping emoticon. (USA)

Filippo commented: Very nice site!!!! Cheers (Iraq)

Pam commented: I have been learning from Joan and Diane since July of 2008. I have learned so much from both of these Ladies over the years. Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting and they are always available to answer any question I have. I love the Sew Out Classes and Software Classes we have fun and we learn as well. Joan and Diane are truly special people and very gifted. Come join us and have fun. Pam added a jumping and waving emoticon. (USA)

Jackie from Santa Barbara asked: where do I find your class schedule?

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