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   If web security interests you, this might be a good point to mention that Computer Security. This is a on a subject vital to your embroidery computer. Many students complain to our teachers that their computers are running slowly or have been loaded with Internet junk, which slows their processor down. Since Bernina software is graphic intensive, it is important to keep your computer operating at peak efficiency.
  Often, the cause of a slow computer is inadvertently downloaded malware or even normal programs that hackers have been able to compromise. Protect your computer from viruses and malware by performing weekly computer system maintenance.
   Don't let this valuable asset for embroidery or quilting become so troublesome that you cannot find an important file or training information. Any of those 'lost' items could help you create something you might want to enjoy for a long time.
   Remember program hacking, malware and viruses are just temporary nuisances; while creativity and excellent design are forever.

The text below describes methods and suggested resources for All About Embroidery students and computer users. Maintaining a high level of efficiency and ensuring online security for computers using the Microsoft Operating System can be ensured with a few add-on programs. The Microsoft Security Essentials software program is recommended for the Windows, Version 7 Operating System. In newer computers, a good security program called Windows Defender is included in the Versions 8 through 10 Operating Systems. NOTE: Windows XP is not secure and must not be use for online or Internet activities.

Even though this website is intended for students of Bernina Embroidery Software V7 and V8 in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County, anyone interested in computer security may utilize this information to increase the speed, efficiency and security of their MS Windows-based computers.

Besides utilizing computer for controlling machine embroidery, your computer can access a wide variety of information on the Internet, which makes it a valuable tool to enhance the Bernina machine-embroidery experience.

Communications between students and teachers at All About Embroidery rely heavily on the Internet and e-mail communications. This requires a high-performance, virus free and secure computer working at optimized computing levels.

There are several excellent programs that can ensure a safe, clean and efficient computer. A few of these programs preferred by All About Embroidery to keep computers running at highest efficiency are either free or inexpensive. The list below is not totally inclusive; you may know of and use programs that do a better job for you.

1. The Windows Operating System used on many computers is somewhat messy, compared to UNIX-based operating systems like Apple or LINUX-based systems, in that it creates many unnecessary files during its data handling, information processing, and possibly during installation and removal of programs.

2. As Microsoft has advanced into the Windows 10 Operating System, this cluttered messiness has been reduced and controlled. But with older computers, maintaining a more efficient operating system requires cleaning out residual file clutter. Doing so thus enables your computer to work faster on your complicated graphics and/or embroidery designs.

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3.  One of the best add-on housekeeping programs for Windows Operating Systems is called CCleaner from piriform.com. At this location you can choose from several levels of service, including the Professional ($24.95) Professional Plus ($39.95) and our favorite, thefreeversion, which can also be downloaded from: filehippo.com. The free program, has a somewhat reduced functionality in comparison to the paid versions, but its ease of operation is very convenient.

4. To run the program, open the program and select check boxes for the most often used, and and possibly most cluttered programs you wish to clean. This will enable CCleaner to do all the hard clean up work for you. It is surprising how much faster a computer will operate, and be able to process large graphics files after reducing the residual clutter in your computer. We have seen up to ten gigabytes of useless data hanging around in a slow computer while that junk just makes a pest of itself. After firing up the CCleaner program, and letting it clean house, so to speak, the resulting graphics operations are much faster.

5.  A sample of a typical analysis, which is initiated by pressing the analyze button in the lower-left corner, gives typical results, as shown on the Example Page before cleaning. Pressing the Run Cleaner button in the lower right corner and selecting YES in the pop-up box, will process the listed and selected files. Then you can choose which files to clean or bypass.

NOTE: There are so many tools and tricks to keep your computer working top drawer; really top drawer. The important trick is to use them consistently for best results. You can sample various anti-malware and anti-virus software at: http://download.cnet.com/windows/.

Just remember some free-to-try software will ask for money after a trial period to move up to continue using the proram. Others might offer professional versions, which might be of value to a system administrator (CCleaner uses this method of gaining revenue.)

If you have questions about computer security, this page or your user rights when adding material to this website, you can call Diane at 805-901-8907, or contact us by e-mail at: diane.joan@aaembr.com.

If you would like to join us for embroidery or quilting lessons, see our class schedule.

Thank you.

Joan and Diane

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